Old News: Billy Bragg discusses 'The Smiths'



BILLY: And also, I thought it was one of the few ones that I could probably get away with singing without totally bollocksing it up. (Jack laughs) I've just had the opposite experience with a SMITHS record. There's a French magazine (LES INROCKUPTIBLES) that is putting together a Smiths tribute of The Queen Is Dead (out now), and they asked me if I'd like to take part. And I said, "Yeah, that seems interesting." And they said, "Well, there's one song left." And I thought that was good, because then I didn't have to worry about choosing a track. It was take it or leave it. And it was "Never Had No One Ever." So I've just done a version of that, with GRANT SHOWBIZ, who was the soundman for the Smiths, as well as my producer, and he produced Rank (Smiths live LP--ed.).

JR: Well I'd like to see what you'd do with "I Know It's Over." (both laugh)

BILLY: Yeah, imagine the f***-ups you could do with that, you know?! So in some ways I was glad it was that one, because there's so little there, on "Never Had No One Ever."
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