Old Moz James Dean/New York Dolls Books.

Seeing as how everything seems to get scanned online these daze, and I don't fancy paying $125 for a copy of either of the Moz-written old-time old tomes, does anybody know if these books are available online to read at all? I'd like to read them, but in an idle way, not obsessive, and paying far over the odds for them.

Cheers if you can help.


Jeff Buckley Is God
there's a site i've seen these posted on... a fan-made site, can't remember which

no doubt someone will post a link, though...
Thanks. Trust a weejie tae help oot! N ah say this as somebidy fae Falkirk, so it's no an insult towards Glesgae, likesay.

Thanks such a lot.


Forever Ill
Morrissey urges his fans not to buy it anymore, cause He got no copytight
over it, he got a little amount of money, if was before the Smiths days
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