Old folks love Morrissey too

She should be invited at a Morrissey concert..:p
I remember an elderly woman at the first g-mex concert last christmas, well she looked around 60 maybe, after the first song or 2 she was making her way to the front saying I have to get out, the crowd was just too rough for her, you could see she was about to faint, felt terrible for the poor woman, she got out straight away though
Ha! I love it. This thread caught my eye, cuz I'm a Moz-lovin 'old folk' :D That is a great story. Morrissey is exactly what the old folk's homes need piped into their muzak speakers!! I will be requesting same (Chiefs and Killers as well) in oh say...40 more years. :rolleyes: If something must have gone right.

that's the coolest grandmother EVER!

Au contraire ;) "Katie's Grandma" rides a Heritage Softtail Harley. She's 65 & has been riding since I can remember. vrrooom!
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