Old Billy Tune (unreleased Morrissey track)


vegan.cro spirit #22

Before David got banned and threatened to be hanged and quartered, I never believed Morrissey, his entourage and his fans were nutjobs for real. I mean by that , I thought they were harmless. Nowadays if you told me you suspect him of pooing in front of your garage, smashing your milk bottles, and breathing loudly over the phone I'd say it's entirely possible, given the level of pettiness over the years. (He wouldn't bother to look for anyone IRL to be nice to them though, that'd be below him.)
Seriously, I hope whoever is bothering you learns to make the difference between the internet and real life. Quickly.

vegan.cro spirit #69

I know, I tried, right ? :lbf: Nobody gives a f. anymore around here , it's really like flogging a dead morse. Y.
I know you are impressed with your analytical powers but I think they leave much to be desired. In fact, the nuttiest Moz fans, those ON or APPROACHING the 'genius' level, wont cut Moz any slack. They think he is an awful human being.. they attack him on FB and then go and buy tickets to all the shows. Follow the bus to the parking lot and huddle around to catch of the glimpse of their NON hero. They appear to be buying more tickets then ever, the sellouts are evidence of this unusual fact.
They swear off their hero, who meant so much to them in their youth...and then buy seven copies of the new album, which they hate btw, and instead of attending a couple of shows they go to all of them.
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