Oh s*** – the only thing that can fix my broken heart is listening to Morrissey - Fergal Kinney

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By I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer on Feb 21, 2019 at 7:56 PM
  1. I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer

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    Sep 23, 2015
    Oh shit – the only thing that can fix my broken heart is listening to Morrissey : The hardest dose of despondence
    by Fergal Kinney, Loud and Quiet, 20 Feb 2019


    "Looking for advice on how to move on from a breakup? The internet’s good, self-help books are alright, alcohol certainly helps. Perhaps not, though, a middle aged, barrel-chested bloke who appears to be so incapable of love these days.

    This time last year, I was happily living with my partner of several years, and the obsessive fan worship of Morrissey that had defined my teenage years was packed up and forgotten. Both of these things would dissolve across 2018...."

    Illustrations by Kate Prior
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer, Feb 21, 2019.

    1. Uncleskinny
      Good article. Lot of people wrestling with His Master's Racism. This deals with it well.
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    2. E Scott
      E Scott
      "The final time I’d been to watch Morrissey in concert, I’d been surprised at my inability to relate to the braying gammon with an impotent quiff onstage" .... Ouch!!!
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    3. gordyboy9
      watching politics live yesterday there was a nutbag American who has a new book out called white fragility and she says in it that every white person from the age of four is racist.so skimflint if M is a racist then so are you.
    4. gordyboy9
      your certainly not that well known with your 641 posts.
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    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Great read! Glad to hear that the misguided older fans like Fergal Kinney are accepting the fact that they were wrong all along in their judgment and are now realizing once again that...








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    7. Anonymous
      Article posted at 7.56.
      Peter logged in, read the whole article and posted his Chapman-esq nonsense at 8.03.

      I think someone should alert the authorities. The wall-eyed mentalist is clearly losing what is left of his tiny little mind.
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    8. Anonymous
      When I feel the end of life is near, when I think about glaciers melting, insects disappearing, when all I see around me is concrete and cars eating up the planet, when every job seems pointless, when human beings offer nothing but violence, hatred, stupidity and greed, when nothing appeals to me, I don"t listen to Morrissey, but I yap on Solo. I now call those my "Morrissey writing to the NME" phases.

      I indulge in doing something completely futile, knowing that eventually, like Morrissey, I'll have to join the rat race again and make some money, or pretend to have some form of occupation.

      Everybody can relate to the feeling in the article I think. Except Morrissey...
    9. gordyboy9
      he doesnt have to because hes been there and done it.
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    10. Anonymous
      There where? :) He can't have been everywhere. Unlike Johnny Cash who totally can.
    11. gordyboy9
      don't get the johnny cash love in these days,his voice is tuneless and soulless for me.

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