Oh christ it Seems you can't even escape Big Chugger here!



Big Brother?? christ i'd rather watch 'Heartbeat' (even the Nick Berryless era) than that crock of sh*t!

Billy Casper says....



Lol, i can relate to that fiery red head temper kes. God knows how i got landed in this BB lark, but doing the washing up should get me through the first round, so at least theres still a bit of Manc talent in there for u to enjoy


G,U. (aka Big Brother)

MBB321 Can You Come To the Diary Room?

It appears that you escaped to go and fetch your red jacket from home.

Fortunately BB Security were able to escort you safely back into the house.

You live to see another day in the Big Brother House.

Now settle down and get some sleep. It's a communal bedroom so you will have to put up with fatties farting and snoring all night (and the curious sound of creaking bedsprings coming from BG & Moby's direction).

Tune in tomorrow for the Day 2 in the Big Brother Moz House.
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