Official unofficial San Diego afterparty w/world's greatest Smiths live mashups

Official unofficial Morrissey afterparty w/Blasphemous Guitars' Moz mashups, 80's metal, Joe Jackson & more
June 3 2007 at The Casbah
2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, 92101 (only a mile or so from the Moz show)
Cost : 7 ($5 with Morrissey concert stub)

DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY! Thousands of Smiths fans running around downtown after the big Bayside show and ALL of them are squeezing into the Casbah for a "mostly Moz" set by Cover Me Badd's Blasphemous Guitars. Hear Morrissey classics like you've never heard 'em before: all mashed up with the Clash, Queen, James Brown & more! Early opening set by Joe & The Jacksons doing JJ classics, then awesome 80's metal tribute Way Cool Jr, the Blasphemous Guitars rock at 11:30, midget Smiths coverband Morrissette plays at midnight (unconfirmed) and the Smiths reunion should be around 12:30 (strong odds). Plus Tragic Tantrum does their creepycoolcabaret in the Atari Lounge in between acts!
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"Some bands are bigger than others"
***FYI, Morrissette's manager, Mike Joyce, called me on my cell mid-set to say they'd been hit by a double decker bus. Last time, it was a 10 ton truck. I'm starting to think they don't really exist. Oh well....

Seeing our boy for the first time since Coachella was just fine, thank you. Had a blast passing out flyers for our afterparty before the show making folks giggle by promising a full Smiths reunion or saying there was going to be a secret set by (insert name of band on your t-shirt). Walked in just in time for the beginning of the set and it sounded just fine out front. What you hear onstage is often a totally different deal which is why there are endless soundchecks. It's hard to feel good about a show and not complain when the levels are all off onstage but you have to trust that your soundguy is making it sound good out front and it sounded FINE.

Still, it was cool to see the big M play to the masses. Not to mention seeing Jesse up there, who I knew many moons ago. My girlfriend got to hear Boy With The Thorn In His Side, one of her big faves and I got to hear a Yer Arsenal tune. Some guy was occasionally singing behind us and when I turned around, it was Jose from Sweet & Tender Hooligans. I told him to shut the hell up and that my band was better than his (he got up and sang Van Halen, Dmode & Smiths with us later that night). What are the odds of 2 Moz coverband singers ending up within 2 feet of each other? Weird. Beautiful night.

Like so many tempremental acts, seeing Morrissey without a little drama means you're not getting the full experience. We'll all remember this more than if he'd done an encore or 2. I got rid of my remaining flyers by yelling that Morrissey's encore was actually being performed at our afterparty at the Casbah. Our show was a blast. Debuts of This Charming Iron Man and The First Of The Gang To Beat It went well. Thanks to everyone who came.
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