Official reviews of 'Spent the Day in Bed'

Stephen Street (in a tweet)
Got to say, I really like the new #morrissey single! Good work all involved

Stuart Maconie 6 Music
(comment after playing the song on his show)
“I absolutely loved that. It’s becoming, you know, hugely unfashionable to say you like anything that Moz does but that is great. “

Daily Telegraph – “Morrissey's new single, Spent The Day in Bed, shows we should be excited about his next album. Spent The Day in Bed was unveiled this morning on BBC 6 Music. It boasted a vintage Morrissey construction in its flowing, easygoing melody over an urgent rhythm section, although with a fresh energy to the arrangement. There was no sense of reaching back towards the sparkling indie guitars of The Smiths. Instead, this single was constructed around a fast, almost Baroque keyboard line and pyschedelic rhythm guitar, with Morrissey casually bossing the vocal line.

Morrissey recalled Philip Larkin through tongue-in-cheek attention to the humdrum details of ordinary lives. But the iconic singer revelled in the joys of taking a sneaky duvet day and used it as a springboard to address a bigger point with a chorus that advises all his “friends” to switch off from our world of incessant news: “The news contrives to frighten you / To make you feel small and alone / To make you feel that your mind isn't your own.”

All of this is delivered with typical bluff northern charm, carrying on to a coda constructed from recurring Morrissey motifs evoking the dreary commuter existence you might escape by staying under the covers: “no bus, no boss, no rain, no train.” It is a delightful and funny, philosophical little gem that bodes well for his return.

Morrissey has been recording in Ennio Morricone's studio in Rome Last week, at the Mercury Awards, I ran into a record executive who helped set it up, and he was raving about it. He called it the best solo album of Morrissey's career. That has got to be worth getting out of bed for.”

The Times – “The new single is funny, maudlin, slightly ridiculous and has the kind of rebellious outsider spirit that made us fall for him in the first place.

Well this is a surprise. Morrissey has spent a decade doing everything he could to denigrate his once impeccable legacy: using much of his autobiography to settle petty scores with a high-court judge; writing an unreadably pretentious novel; and burning his bridges at one record company after another. After that, nobody could reasonably expect him to come back with a half-decent song. Yet here he is with Spent the Day in Bed, which is funny, maudlin, slightly ridiculous and imbued with the kind of rebellious outsider spirit that made us fall for him in the first place. It has a pretty good tune too.

Beginning with a delicate, almost baroque electronic piano and a handful of squeaky retro-futuristic synthesizer bleeps, Morrissey makes the case for…” (rest of review behind the paywall)

The Guardian - Backed by chirpy organ and strummed guitars, it’s a typically existentialist, Eeyoreish song from the former Smiths singer, in which he rejects the “emasculation” and “castration” of the rat race, instead recommending that you stay in bed and ignore the news, “because the news contrives to frighten you / to make you feel small and alone / to make you feel that your mind isn’t your own”.

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Quando quando quando

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I like the message of this song and especially the plea for people to be good to themselves for once. The world is full of stress and absolutely mad and people want to do so many things they forget who they are and what really matters.



Angel of Distemper
I find the song vaguely irritating, but goddamn if it hasn't been circling my brain for the last few days.

Morrissey has given birth to another genuine earworm. Good for the old codger.

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