Official Morrissey T-shirts for sale: some very rare


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I have a bunch of old-to middle-aged Morrissey T-shirts that I'm considering passing on to new generations of fans. The first two have been lovingly worn; the remainder have been on hangers for their full existence. Drop me a line with a reasonable offer (i.e. $20 and above) and I'll gladly part with them.

All shirts are size XL

1. Kill Uncle cover white T-shirt (from 1991 tour)
2. Ouija Board cover white T-shirt (from 1991 tour -- tiny, barely perceptible hole in Morrissey's nose)
3. Southpaw Grammar cover white T-shirt (from 2002 tour, with tour dates on the back)
4. You Have Killed Me black T-shirt (Morrissey chalk outline on front, "You Have Killed Me" on back)
5. Live at Earls Court light blue T-shirt (Morrissey lying on his back on the front, "Earls Court, 18 December 2004 on back)
6. Morrissey (white Gothic script font) black T-shirt

Rare shirts:

7. Crew shirt from 2004 (?) tour. Plain black front, "Mozzers Men" on back
8. I Have Forgiven Jesus promo-only black shirt: "I Have Forgiven Jesus" in white print on the front, "Morrissey, you are the quarry" in white on the back.
9. Morrissey "His Master's Voice" promo-only black long-sleeved T-shirt. "Morrissey, His Master's Voice" and the Nipper/Victrola symbol on the upper left side of the front. A very faded "Morrissey" in the font from the Suedehead-era singles
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I don't mean to hog your thread Scott but does anyone know if this was official?



It was given to me along with the UK version of the We Hate It... tour t-shirt. Who the hell wears long sleeved t-shirts though?
There was a really nice tshirt on sale outside the Playhouse in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. I was tempted to buy a few and sell them on, them realised whoever printed them had (when adding the tour dates to the back of the shirt) spelt Edinburgh as "Edingburgh".
Schoolboy error, as they say.


The two rarest tour shirts could be the aborted "Certain People I Know" artwork seen in the Your Arsenal tour book, on a black shirt, I think sold only in the UK. The other would be the "Have You Ever Seen A Biscuit Tin By Moonlight?" black long sleeve shirt with the Vallance Road pic from the second leg Kill Uncle tour book.


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Hi everyone. I'll try to get some photos taken over the weekend so you can see the shirts in question!


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The black "Suedehead...the best of" shirt was sold at only one maybe two shows on the 92' UK tour. I have one but have never put it on. What about that horrible boxers shirt with the drawing of the muscle guy with "Southpaw Grammar" written across the back. The shirt was never for sale but the merch guy did give some away to pretty girls. Morrissey found it horrible and had them nixed right away. I agree with him. Did see one on eaby and thought people are not going to know how rare that shirt really is.
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