Official Manager Statement regarding Morrissey’s health (January 26, 2024)


NealCassady posted news of South America cancellation:


Mexico City cancellation notice posted by On Returning.

Media item:
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If Moz's health is suffering then he's right to cancel. At least they provided a reason for cancellation. To be honest I was always in awe of the amount of touring Moz did for years. It had to catch up on him eventually. It's hard to know how to feel but if Morrissey is bone tired then rest is the only answer. He's not a machine.
Naw. He issued this because it’s being picked up as shitty. He is the paid singer. He is paid to sing. He is paid to entertain me. He once was a young icon. But he is just a singer whose job is the sing. Sing singer. Sing.
Nunca pensé que iba a decir esto... Morrissey arruinaste toda tu carrera, miles de fanáticos ya no te quieren, ni te creen. No está bueno jugar con las emociones de las personas. Te convertiste en lo que siempre criticaste, prácticamente no encuentro gente que te quiera o que minimamente te tome en serio. Que te mejores pronto y no vuelvas a ilusionar gente con giras que no podes cumplir año tras año.
...and he will remain in Zurich.
I don't know - there is something about that line that gave me a white-knuckle shiver.
What an odd statement.
I wouldn't worry about it. Convenient that he's "resting up" in a country with a history as a well known tax haven.

"and he will remain in Zurich"

Until his accountant faxes him to say its time to move on.
Let's hope not. I've seen him from the second row during concerts and he sweats A LOT. No one wants to see him drop dead of a heart attack on stage.
Agreed. The reason why I think he didn't was he criticized various Covid related measures, he also criticized Science Lord Fauci for animal abuse (along with reports of animal testing for Covid jabs he likely read about), how he blames the doctors and medical establishment for his Mum's death, etc
I doubt he has physical exhaustion. He was DOING NOTHING in Paris, per Morrissey Central, and was looking very health. Did he went on foot from Paris to Zurich?
Exactly. He doesn’t show any regard to fans. People say yes but his is an icon. So is Kleenex. But these icons have a job to do. Kleenex is to wipe shit from my nose. Morrissey job is entertain me for money.
He can do what he wants; and he has and he will. What do I know about his existence? Nothing, the same as everyone. But the whole ‘don’t complain, don’t explain’ shit doesn’t come off that good with paying punters.
For a man who once sang about he was 99 public image (fittingly during the Quarry era) he doesn’t exactly have a decent way of displaying this.
All jokes aside, how on earth does he manage to even get these shows booked now, the venues must be expecting cancellations at this point

He has always had issues turning up to gigs, but it's ridiculous now
Exhausted due to 'doing nothing' in Paris? Exhausted due to all the previous shows he didn't do? Did this come on after Paris but before he was sitting writing obituaries? Utter bollocks.

I think we can all safely speculate that ‘exhausted’ can also be read as debilitating depression. It’s possible that Donnie wouldn’t word it that way, or felt that it wasn’t in his right to disclose that information in a quick public statement.

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