Offensive Halloween Costumes


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I'm putting this in the pigsty because I'm not sure if anyone is gonna have a bug up their butt about this.

My friends and I are throwing a massive Halloween party on the 30th. Massive. The main party thrower and owner of house it will be at has already been decorating for the past 2 weeks. Her house doesn't even look like her house anymore. She could almost charge people to come in and look around..this is how serious we love Hallloween.

This year we are all keeping out costumes secret for a contest amongst us. Winner recieves nothing except probably the right to say that they are now broke due to our costume.

Since I'll be 30 next month I decided to wear one last offensive costume before I'm offically an adult. lol. The only offensive thing I could think of was a "Zombie Nazi SS soldier". I know that no one at the party will be offended. On the contrary, we are lovers of that movie "Dead Snow" as well as some video game a few are addicted to. I don't play xbox so I don't know the name, but they are always talking about shooting zombie nazis or some crap. (Plus alot of us are Poles and Jews so it's not like this is a serious costume. For instance if my family didn't escape Poland, I wouldn't be here.)
This is also a great costume because I can attend the "Asbury Park NJ Zombie Walk" the day of the party. (Depending on the weather. If it's too hot I don't want to risk my zombie makeup sweating off.)

So my question to you is...what is the most offensive Halloween costume you have worn?

I debated on this costume for awhile because I didn't want to offend anyone, but I decided "screw it, I'm doing it." I figure if someone has a problem with it I can chase them around making zombie grunts. Plus, when I walk in to the party I'm gonna OWN that room!!!

My costume isn't too offensive considering I'm in ZOMBIE form and my red arm band is the armband that came free with my Dead Kennedy's 45's. It says "f*** Off Nazi Punks." My costume looks really cool. It was expensive & time consuming to find replica patches and metals. What sucks is when I'm done with it, I'm going to have to hang onto it or throw it out because I see that it's illegal to sell this crap on ebay and the stores that I bought the replicas from aren't going to take them back. lol. I'm not going to post a picture of me in it on here because I don't want to offend anyone on here, plus I know some of that stuff is illegal in some countries. I guess this is one good thing about the United States. We still have some freedoms left, the freedom to dress up and piss people off...but if any of you dressed up like this or in any other zombie form, please post pictures. That's my only problem with this costume, I have NO idea how to apply the makeup. I know there's gotta be a method to it.
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