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Who’s Kylie? I don’t know what Malarkey’s position is exactly, but it’s clearly not in an advisory capacity. She maybe just makes the coffee and curates the collection of skinhead porn. But whatever she does there, she’s definitely overhearing some of Morrissey’s conversations.
kylie the intern. duhhhhhh :rolleyes: where's aztec camera to explain? he knows better than me about kylie the intern.
My take is that if more than one person accuse somebody of harassing them, I automatically believe them. I can imagine one person making false accusations out of spite or mental problems or whatever, but eight? No way.
Your post would be better off in the RB thread.
Ever heard of Salem? With your policy of automatic belief if there are multiple accusers you would have executed the whole town.
Bitch, this site has never let me assert anything without having to go fetch the quote that backs it up.

Then furnish the evidence for your assertion that Morrissey wrote Notre-Dame because "someone" (unnamed) told him about it.

In trying to rescue Morrissey, you make him out to be a credulous mouth-breather. Apparently he'll just uncritically believe any old unsubstantiated story told to him and decide to write a song about it. If you're right, then I guess we can look forward to albums with songs like Georgia Guidestones, Elvis Presley is alive and well in a Nebraska mansion, and My nephew Johnny slept with Cheryl Tweedy before she was famous.
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