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team bougatsa
Skinny: “I’m off upstairs, my sweet sweet love!”
Wife: “Lovely! What are you going to do upstairs?”
Skinny: “I’m going to post some repetitive venom about Morrissey (you know, the man whose albums, posters and memorabilia I spent all our money on) on a site dedicated to Morrissey. Then I’ll study some more Smiths books. Then watch some Simpsons.”
Wife: “Oh. No rumpy-pumpy tonight, sweetness?”
Skinny: “No, wife. I will channel my love into crosswords. Did you set the 5am Morrissey-solo alarm? I don’t want anyone to post before me!”
Wife: “I want a divorce”
Skinny: “I love you! You don’t love me back! You don’t even like me! You won’t make me a member of your inner circle! If you don’t love me as much as I love you, I will slag you off online until the end of time”
Wife: “Oh, f*** off, you weirdo!”
this is hilarious. "i will channel my love into crosswords" :lbf:


team bougatsa
I don't have the perfect life but at least I can take comfort this evening that I'm not Noel Clarke.
there are way worse things than being noel clarke. yeah, you know what im talkin' bout, radis. your time will come, my friend...;)
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Radis Noir

Shut yer gobs, you wankers!
no, you being a pedo is what i was getting at
Well I'm not one of those so what you were 'getting at' is, as usual, wide of the mark. But it's odd that you would consider that to be an insult considering the sort of nonces on here that you hang around.
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