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@Ketamine Sun, why do I see so many posts by people on here seemingly taking issue with you? I find you pleasant.
Leo, Sag or Ari?
Are those real pictures of M with facial hair or have they been photoshopped? Never seen him with a beard before.
All 'shopped.

Minus the women with him at the time (animal welfare of some sort IIRC).

I see Gash is back on the campaign trail.

I was looking for the clip of Candy Darling Morrissey plays before his gigs, but the closest I could get was this one:

And I see you're defending, or turning a blind eye to, violence against women. Shameful.
Nothing to do with being pro or anti trans. Those peaceful women protesters are not anti trans. They just believe in safeguarding women from predatory men.
I speak from experience. I have/had a similar body type as Morrissey. I am 8 years younger but out of the blue, you hit a certain age and even working out constantly doesn't get you back to how you were. Keto diet: lean meats, no bread, or any type of carbs at all like pasta, potatoes, etc. allowed me to lose 45 pounds and I am in better shape than I was as a 24 year old in 1991. His diet is really unhealthy and we can all see the results. This stupid propaganda that meat is bad needs to stop.
Intermittent fasting, fruit, One meal a day , helps for vegan
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