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Game Of Death.
"Hyper-masculinity" is just about one of the worst things I can think of. It's a perversion of Morrissey's that he's compelled by that stuff.

I guess I can see it in the bowl cut with the severe center part, but Beardsley had a beautiful aquiline nose that the Gareth actor does not. He was most striking in profile, which my avatar now reflects.
M has never mentioned hyper-masculinity in his life,as for the avatar,you just keep reading your books theres a good boy.

Aubrey McFate

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M has never mentioned hyper-masculinity in his life

He hasn't mentioned that word, no. But he is impressed with men who fight. Bruce Lee is one, and Cornelius Carr, and various brawlers and skinheads. It's definitely just a homoerotic thing, because the next day he'll be complaining about how you can't walk the streets without being menaced or beaten up.

Johnnie Ray

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This is the response after someone with intelligence embarrasses you in the comments section. Walking cliché
You are a crawling cliche' and I am incapable of embarrassment, Waffles...Waffles? Waffles? Who in their right mind would call themselves Waffles? Talk about embarrassment! Waffles? Waffles!


To be finished, would be a relief.
You think I'll flop on my bed crying if I get the boot from here? Stop it
Just remember that you are attacking a very well established member of the forum. Like his/her views or not, there needs to be a little respect. A little respect goes a long way. When you come out swing like Buster Douglas, remember, he was ‘new’ and knocked out Tyson, then was never heard from again.

Just try to cool it with attitude. Or go anon. We are here to support Morrissey interjected with opinions that may or may not be liked. I’ve been burned plenty of times of here. You move.

Lesson over. I hope it helps. Respect. It goes a long way…..Be well


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It didn't take long for Gash to get his neo-Nazi shit into a thread.

I suppose that slimeball is hoping it gets picked up by the press & SER will post another racist video "defending" Morrissey on Central.

Despicable creep.


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MacGyver, to the extent he resembles Neil Codling, is a mulletted version with a broader nose and not as gaunt in the face. It doesn't work entirely. "Skinny Meatloaf" might be closer, and is certainly a lot funnier. Who came up with that one?

My favourite thing about RDA is anywhere between around 1989 and 2005 he looks identical and hot.. then he leaves acting and Stargate and instantly turned into Homer in the episode where he has to wear a gown and use a dialling wand because he got too big


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I don't like someone being that blatant about grafting their own politics on to Morrissey's name - hoping to create scandal - while trying to pretend they're not doing it.



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Based on their past posts & desperate need to make this interview about immigration & the white supremacist idea of "the great replacement" - I think they're racists.



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No @gashonthenail

you off-topic liar

there are plenty of working-class heritage movements & projects.

What racists do is pretend that their culture is biologically tied to their skin colour or their religious faith & that they must dominate a territory & either oppress or get rid of anyone different.

You've been co-opting anti-colonial & civic/cultural arguments for at least 20 years. But you always give the game away in the end. You can't hide the hatred.


Not at all painful or near the truth, but it looks like we might have stumbled onto yet another one of your issues.
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