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Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Could someone wraps their legs around me just to greet me


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Banbury Moz Army

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And pricks like you can’t wait to stick the unwanted oar in....
Any scrap of positive news , and your here with the negative nonsense.....
Thinking your clever,
Thinking your amusing...
Your neither...
Do your self a favour and seek employment....
It might just give you some much needed focus....
New album? Pah! What odds will your local bookies give that it'll tumble out of the Top 100 UK Albums Chart in less than a month, eh?

All this arse-licking for a has-been who couldn't care less about the lot of you. Some need help if you're still in need of him for your sorry, woeful guidance. Just saying.
The nonce has spoken
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