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18% descended from the great teutonic tribes
So as not to leave the measure of beauty up to my weiner, I think the famous illustrator Edward Gorey was a very striking individual. I think he had a great look: a long face, penetrating eyes, a thin, finely-proportioned nose, and always a lush, flowing, well-coiffed beard. He liked to adorn himself with fur coats (not a vegetarian, alas), cable knit sweaters, and multifarious rings. He was a homosexual, gifted with the sense of style that often accompanies that proclivity, and he hewed to a New England antiquarian presentation. It all comes to together in a dignified form of male beauty.



Gorey was a felinophile (praise be), and was frequently photographed in the company of cats.


he's superb


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God sake.... you must be mad, sad and dangerous to know......
You raise a fair few points here BB.
I was out yesterday for lunch with my middle daughter, (we are now both veggie)
She said the me , I seen your posts about the horrid Canadian female,
In her own words....
cried f***ing laughing.... she said to me ....

you might know the exact post I refer to, but to be fair I was told off by the powers that be in on here, and that was fair enough👍

My daughter said to me today , why don’t you go to the open Mike night at the Source , Dentonholme..
I’ve been before , years ago, and to be honest I wouldn’t/ or couldn’t have the confidence to stand up and speak my words out loud....
For me it’s just a thing I do when I’ve had a couple of Coors......The words spew out like ink on the paper:
It never occurs to me in mid- afternoon....
Although a classic line may enter my bold head, I just never write it down.
Thanks for the loveliness.

I’m hoping to get an early Cyrus hope g in Birmingham with my eldest daughter and her mum ....

So maybeeeee🍺🍺🍺🍺
Would you like to duet with me on my debut album?

That's an entirely serious have 'something'...needs work...but...deffo potential...


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she's sooooooo beautiful. she has strong features but it's cute as hell at the same time. she seems like a lovely person too, i always wish i knew what she was saying when i see her in clips.

i also like zeta makripoulia and eleni menegaki, but fay skorda above everyone else. greek women are so beautiful!

A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
I need a reason to feel bad about myself right now, so why not swing by M-Solo i thought to myself…it’s working already and no one even had to speak to me yet!

Concrete results on a concrete timeline, who could ask for anything more


18% descended from the great teutonic tribes
Amber Heard vs Bridget Hall: who wins? i already know the answer, of course, but ill pretend i dont. hint: one's face is an insane work of art, the other's.... isnt.














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Mike, it is not twattish to think that a lesbian politician is being smeared as a racist - when you've been smeared as a racist by the supposedly left-wing Guardian.

It's beyond libel - it's harassment. They phoned colleagues, they shamed a charity into denouncing him...

He really should go to Hacked Off with it.
the guardian isn't left wing. it's at the very best/most generous centre left. it's a liberal mouthpiece for Islington types to voice concerns about how much their cleaner is going to cost them during a cost of living crisis.

I like their football coverage, mind.

here to help.

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so if you also do not believe the guardian, why did you feel the need to include 'supposedly left wing'?

also see Morrissey's mates Britain First took an absolute pasting in the Wakefield by-election yesterday. Who knew the people of West Yorkshire hated vegan lesbians so much?!

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different buttock surrounding the same racist arsehole


ignorance / gain-saying/ wokism at play

Aubrey McFate

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Amber Heard vs Bridget Hall: who wins?

Well, clearly, Amber Heard. It's not even a question. You were generous in finding pictures that did her beauty justice. In no.2, she looks very nice in an almost-profile shot, but the aura conveyed is a bit too regal, pristine, and Grace Kelly. She could, of course, play the role of an Aryan princess, but as noted earlier, she is better suited for the mini-skirted 80s glam-trash kitten. Picture no. 5 is the typical Maxim shot, but she sure looks fetching. It's a few decades away from the 80s, but in one of her earlier roles, she played a waitress in an ill-fated attempt to copy Mad Men vintage in a cancelled series called The Playboy Club. She wore the bowtie collar and the bunny ears well.


But she could just as easily play a Mennonite girl on a Midwestern prairie (although, she would have to be the adulteress character who seduces the pious shepherd, obviously).


Her facial features are possibly best appreciated when she wears her hair dark. Returning to the 80s, in a movie about 80s kids (an overdone and tired genre these days), you could cast her as the Goth.



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I'll be at the Palladium (and probably Glasgow).

You'll know it's me by the Morrissey tote bag (probably the green one) & the communist party badge (THE ONE I BOUGHT ON BUCHANAN STREET).
Avoid at all costs.
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