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Some more pics
This is why you never win at scrabble. Or 15 to 1. Or Mastermind. Or The Weakest Link.
Loved it on mastermind when skinny thought Fray Bentos was the former leader of Cuba. Lol
Loved it on mastermind when skinny thought Fray Bentos was the former leader of Cuba. Lol
I loved it when he was on The Weakest Link and jumped on the podium with his trousers and knickers down shouting “Bank! Bank! Bank!” and Anne Robinson told him he’d been eliminated 4 rounds ago and that he really had to leave the stage.
VeganCro- Brummie Boy's posts got nothing on you! Your writing brings genuine wit and joy to this forum!!!
Conversely, BB brings cheap misery and ugliness. He is a pedantic braggadocio... a well- educated, articulate devil...yes, & what a curious reputation he has from the folks on here who consider him to be a marvelous, devastating writer.???? When he's kinda, obviously, straight up, dark energy. Using one's gifts for evil has always been uncool.

Thanks Vegan Cro for the harmless, unique, intelligent, & laugh out loud posts!!! You are a true original!
Hey Miss Now ...

When is the official engagement
To be announced on here ????

I have informed many women
About the perils of the Vegan Cro...

Alas he appears to have that certain
Serial killer appeal to some
Women on here .

Its uncanny how Surfboard lives next to just about everyone in Manc:crazy:
Peter Shelly reported directly to him:lbf:

it unbelievable that our hip Pepe would show himself in public
with the farmer get upo_O
the Pretenders were are rock and roll group and Pepe presents himself as an Okie from Muskoggeedoh:
Shanda Pepe you are FIRED🧑‍🌾

I knew he'd fall for it and say something dumb
Yes, those overalls were umm something, not sure what, but something
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