Of Morrissey's 8 studio albums which has the best sleeve?

Of Morrissey's 8 studio albums which has the best sleeve?

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From a designer's point of view, the Kill Uncle sleeve is easily the most iconic of the ones. Below that, perhaps Southpaw, because I think it captures the albums sound, which is often a very difficult thing to do.


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I must agree that Viva Hate is second best to my first choice of Your Arsenal.
To me, it's a tie between Your Arsenal and Viva Hate, I really can't decide.
your arsenal


viva hate (the original not that awful rereleased cd)

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For me it has to be Ringleader. The font, image, inside booklet, it's all very classy.
Not sure about best, but I have to say "Kill Uncle" has the most Morrissey in it, for me, if that makes sense. Have to say, I don't think he's really come up with a GOOD cover, ever (ROTT has some nice irony, though, come to think...). Makes me think of many of his videos, which just seem bland and uninspired to me.


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from a 'normal' perspective it has to be Ringleader, (love the deutsche grammaphone take)
from a 'lust' perspective it has to be Your arsenal. (spent many a happy hour licking that picture)

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I'm not voting, simply because I think the 1997 re-issue of VH has the best Morrissey sleeve.

Kill Uncle and Quarry are also good. I often find myself doing the KU pose.


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Kill uncle because you know he's been having a kick about and is feeling good about the album. Unfortunately he lost some of his audience on it's release. I still rate it above most of his later stuff.
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