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Just discovered this band, and I can't praise them enough! Any Of Montreal fans on the forum?
Anybody's got the song called Every Day feels Like Sunday? Would be funny to hear it.

AVC: The bonus EP that came with Sunlandic had a song called “Every Day Feels Like Sunday.” Is that a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Morrissey song “Every Day Is Like Sunday”?
KB: No, it’s funny. I guess it’s the zeitgeist at work, but I’m not a big Morrissey fan, and I’ve actually never heard [his] song before. I wrote it, and then someone [told me], “That’s basically a Morrissey song. You just ripped off a Morrissey song!” [Laughs.] It’s kind of embarrassing. It’s like, “Oh shit, are you serious?” [Laughs.] It’s so hard to come up with an original idea anymore.



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I'm not fond of their "style", but I must say that "the past is a grotesque animal" is one hell of a song.


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They're touring England end of May, play Manchester on my birthday, can't wait. Assuming the tickets actually ever go on sale.


they're great, i saw them in minneapolis not too long ago and their live show is incredible. i agree that hissing fauna is probably the best cd of 2007 so far.


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At the Manchester gig, everyone in the audience seem to know the words to every song. Amazing live. Truely amazing.

Clips of the gig on youtube btw.
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