Oddity: Craig Gannon '89 clipping on ebay

Famous when dead

One for the very specialised collectors :)



I found this NME tag line:
I Was A Juvenile Axe-Attacker: Craig Gannon
Len Brown, New Musical Express, 18 March 1989

From THE SMITHS to THE ADULT NET, THE BLUEBELLS to THE COLOURFIELD and not forgetting AZTEC CAMERA… CRAIG GANNON has played with them all, and he's still only 23.
LEN BROWN hoofs it up to the music capital of the North, Manchester, to catch Gannon and his own band THE FAMILY WAY perform at a Cog Sinister night.

But no full transcript. I know there's some clipping fanatics out there and this one is rather obscure, but bid away if it appeals to you.
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