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I just saw Justin Bieber wearing a Morrissey shirt. With Morrissey wearing a Justin Bieber shirt on it (you can't exactly see it because I was still messing around with the camera when he closed his chemise again but it's there, trust me).

The universe is about to explode. We're SO screwed.

Don't look at it, I'm hearing echoes since I did.



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....... nevermind. I love explaining things.
Read somewhere that as soon as Moz appears in a Bieber shirt he will continue writing his blog. Which I'd appreciate because his blog is awesome and this site sucks. No offense.


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No need to explain dear.....I was only commenting on the effort you seem to have put into your colouring :) x


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I have a teeshirt of Blieber wearing a Morrissey shirt. I know the universe and all of it's infinite secrets.
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