Oct 30, 2007 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA


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Hey gang,

My recording of Morrissey's set at the Orpheum in Boston from 10/30 (encoded in 256 VBR mp3) is up on my bootleg blog: http://thebootieblog.blogspot.com

Please comment on my blog's page if you like! :)



(For all you FLACheads, I can't torrent at college, our firewall blocks it, but when I go home for Thanksgiving break, I'll put this on DIME.)


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thanks for this!!! I look forward to hearing it. I tried to pay the soundboard guy off asking for a recording before the show - but it was just not happening. Glad you got it!


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Thanks a million!



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Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this! :D I was so pissed that I decided not to make this show...I almost caved at 6 o'clock and jumped in my car...but still being sick, broke and afraid of being fired if I miss more work, I decided to let my Mozfest end this past Sunday. :( Can't wait to get home to check this out!


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Great to see the American spirit of sharing is a live and well...

Thanks for this....


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.....whisper...... any chance of this on Megaupload?



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.....whisper...... any chance of this on Megaupload?

Smug, funny you should mention that because I initially tried Megaupload, twice. It keeps jamming around 30% and it also takes about 6 hours total to upload from here. I:confused: tried sendspace and it only took half an hour and didn't jam up. This was weird, as I usually use megaupload. If anyone can help smug out, please do.


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Its great to see our friends across the ocean are sharing so freely and sooooo rapidly many thanks for all the time and effort
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hardrain, thanks very much, indeed, for this spot of great sharing. It IS nice to know, guys, that our spirit has regained itself after the dismal bouts of the past year or so.


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thanks hardrain, i just downloaded the show amazing quality. i will listening to this in the car:) too bad if doesn't have all the talking between songs. great job!!!
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