Oct. 20, 1992 Aloha Tower Honolulu, Your Arsenal Tour



Oct. 20, 1992 / Aloha Tower/ Honolulu/ Your Arsenal Tour

I was the reporter for my community college newspaper (The Kapio) assigned to cover it. Basically because I answered the phone when the promoter called (they called every campus on the island) and said they had 2 tickets and a photo pass. After I put my name on the guest list I pitched it as a story including photos!!

Morrisey was not actually late, as people have said, it was the security that was not prepared for the onslaught of fans. They slowed everything down and then there was kind of a divide between residents and the military people on leave that left the show evenly split: local / haole. Didn't matter... they were all there for Moz. As soon as Glam. Glue played the place erupted.

I had a (and still have) a photo badge, back stage lamanent and everywhere access. Morissey's people were having none of it. I was told to take my photos within the first 2 songs and was never allowed access anywhere private. So after I got the first photos, (none of which ran in the paper, my cover shot was of kids milling about by the fountain) I just became a dancing fan...as I already was of course.

Great f***ing show that will never happen again because people are different and shows are different and Hawaii is a different place. But for that one moment in time it was an amazing show. Moz crushed and won a ton of fans.
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