"Obsessed: The Mexican Morrissey" - a film about Jose Maldonado - i-D

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    obsessed: the mexican morrissey - i-D

    Jose Maldonado, front man of The Smiths tribute band Sweet and Tender Hooligans, is an LA county lifeguard by day and the world’s greatest Morrissey impersonator by night. He’s got the voice, the looks, and a level of dedication that proves that love isn’t just a miserable lie. Join the Mexican Morrissey as he hosts his weekly Smiths-themed radio show, psyches himself up for a performance full of naked torsos and arm-waving, and shares stories of the time Moz turned the tables and stole his identity in return. We would go out tonight but we’re going to stay in and watch this instead.

    Directed & Produced by Jordan Stokes

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