Observer photographer Jane Bown has died

An anonymous person writes:

Here's her portrait of Morrissey:

And a gallery that includes shots of Beckett, Betjeman, Rita Tushingham, Edith Sitwell, Jean Cocteau...

Jane Bown: a life in photography – in pictures - The Guardian

Revered Observer photographer Jane Bown dies aged 89 - The Guardian
Veteran hailed as ‘part of the Observer’s DNA’ was best known for her dazzling portraits of the Queen, Samuel Beckett and the Beatles


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Well if Billie Whitelaw can't get a death file statement there's not much hope for Jane is there ?
R I P Jane your pictures reflect your gift and talent in your field of work it's such a shame the same couldn't be said about the latest budget-clumsy-snapper posting photos of our man posing in front of a murdered Nordic spruce tree with a meat is murder message beneath it.
That photo says "meat is murder but it's cool to kill trees and holly bushes, it's Christmas, innit ! "

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