Observer Article on Smiths Musical



“In a bright room, a string quartet hums and squawks. The unsettling noise accompanies a woman as she dances a slow flamenco. 'Unruly girls who will not settle down must be taken in hand,' she sings. 'A crack on the head,' she continues, as two other women mime slo-mo applause, 'is what you get for not asking. [Burly man drags another woman across the stage] And a crack on the head is what you get for asking.' The singer continues her splendid dance. A young man, in red skyscraper heels, mimics her movements while prostrate on the floor. The burly man bursts into a tapdance that's also a systematic duffing-up of no one in particular: the younger one flinches, though he's never hit. The music hisses and morphs into gypsy handclaps, which merge with the sound of the tap to make a threatening clamour...”

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