"Oboe Concerto" in Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield's Top 25 Songs of 2014

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    At #25 in interesting company:

    Rob Sheffield's Top 25 Songs of 2014 So Far - Rolling Stone

    25. Morrissey, "Oboe Concerto"

    Are we supposed to believe it's a coincidence that Morrissey gets ill and cancels his U.S. tour right after Miley goes viral with her distinctive Caligula-would-have-blushed rendition of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"? Please. Morrissey and Miley actually have loads in common (both like to stick out their tongue, both fight the tyranny of shirt-wearing, neither has any sense of shame). I'm still hoping for Moz's version of "We Can't Stop." But "Oboe Concerto," the show-stopper ballad from his new album, is the saddest, heaviest, realest song he's recorded in a decade, as Morrissey raises a glass to mourn his absent friends. And he won't stop, because he can't stop.
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