"Oboe Concerto" in Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield's Top 25 Songs of 2014

An anonymous person writes:

At #25 in interesting company:

Rob Sheffield's Top 25 Songs of 2014 So Far - Rolling Stone

25. Morrissey, "Oboe Concerto"

Are we supposed to believe it's a coincidence that Morrissey gets ill and cancels his U.S. tour right after Miley goes viral with her distinctive Caligula-would-have-blushed rendition of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"? Please. Morrissey and Miley actually have loads in common (both like to stick out their tongue, both fight the tyranny of shirt-wearing, neither has any sense of shame). I'm still hoping for Moz's version of "We Can't Stop." But "Oboe Concerto," the show-stopper ballad from his new album, is the saddest, heaviest, realest song he's recorded in a decade, as Morrissey raises a glass to mourn his absent friends. And he won't stop, because he can't stop.
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this i like the most!

... And he won't stop, because he can't stop.

:D :D :D

p.s. %


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Its got to leak soon, it seems loads have heard it. I'm really looking forward to this if anyone see's it any where for download pm please ta.


Sheffield is correct about that too. Well, when is the album released? I have it pre-ordered on i-Tunes.

at 9:00 pm, 7/14 2014.

p.s. apologies, i don't know about pre-orders&co.


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In the U.S. it’s 7/15. I know SOMETIMES I’ll get the email from iTunes the night prior and it becomes available then, so let’s hope that happens this time. I know it’s gonna happen SOMEDAY...know what I mean!?

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The only portion of what Sheffield writes, that matters, is "as Morrissey raises a glass to mourn his absent friends." The rest of what he writes is shit, and he should be fired for it. Rolling Stone magazine couldn't care less about intelligent and interesting journalism. They only care about making money and shooting a load all over themselves whenever Mick Jagger or Kanye West release an album.


I noticed that Sheffield placed Parquet Courts at number one. I recently had the pleasure of watching them live in Oxford - what a fantastic band. I would highly recommend their new album 'Sunbathing Animal' to any punk/garage rock fan.

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