Oasis ‘Supersonic’ director wants to make films about Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths - NME.com

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    Oasis ‘Supersonic’ director wants to make films about Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths - NME.com
    Mat Whitecross discusses future plans in interview with NME


    Having reunited the Gallagher brothers to work on Supersonic, Whitecross admitted it would be perhaps even more difficult to get Morrissey and Johnny Marr’s involvement in a potential Smiths documentary.

    “I think that might be the fight that kills me,” Whitecross joked. “[But] I’m just reading Johnny Marr’s book at the moment and it sounds like they met up at least once, and no one murdered anyone else so you never know. If they’re up for doing a film then yeah. Anything like that, we know Johnny’s manager’s, he’s a good friend of ours so maybe I’ll try and get on the phone one day and see how it goes.”
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    1. marred
      Do we really need a documentary about the Smiths? What could we possibly learn that we don't already know?
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    2. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      No. And nothing.
    3. marred
      and the fucking arctic monkeys? Are you fucking kidding?
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    4. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Yeah, isn't a bit too early?
      Are they already out of their clearasil years? :ha-no:
    5. Anonymous
      I really liked the arctic monkeys first two albums but they lost me after that. The lyrics just seemed to get more and more general and pointless. As for the smiths, sure it'd be great to see them work together on something but I could also see it going south into an argument really quickly as it doesn't seem that there's much less to say about them
    6. marred
      Yeah I'd say premature and pointless.
    7. Musician
      Have you seen ''Supersonic''? Please spare me your opinion on Oasis. It's about the TYPE of documentary that's been made. Yes, i would like to see a similar one with Morrissey's and Marr's input where Moz can't get away with pseudo-poetic blabbering but comments on actual events.
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    8. Alex Spragens
      Alex Spragens
      I agree. Mat Whitecross had Noel and Liam sort of narrating old footage, and tried to use their interviews in such a way that it felt like a conversation between them. I would LOVE to have something similar with Moz and Johnny.

      As for the Arctic Monkeys... choose a different band Mat. I'm sure there are other 80s or 90s bands that would be much more interesting in a documentary than Arctic Monkeys, as much as I loved their early years.
    9. Young And Alive
      Young And Alive
      There is no point making yet another documentary on The Smiths unless both Morrissey and Marr are involved.

      If it's relying on Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce's hazy memories and doesn't feature the main man himself, then we can do without.

      You get the feeling however that Morrissey would want to have the whole thing vetted first, which might defeat the purpose.
    10. marred
      I doubt you'd be satisfied with that. It'd just give you more material to whinge about.
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    11. Musician
      Wrong, I'd be interested. What makes you think you know me?
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    12. Anonymous
      Yeah I can't see any of them letting it turn into something contentious or ugly. We've heard the stories a million times separately so what's the point of having those stories woven into some faux conversation covering the same ground again
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    13. SuedeMoz
      All this time, we've only conceived of a live and/or studio reunion ... but what about just getting Morrissey/Marr in the same room to talk on camera? Could be fascinating. Well, one can dream.
    14. marred
      I don't doubt your interest in picking apart Morrissey's version of the events.
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    15. Musician
      Wrong again. I, as some other posters above too, would be very interested in M+M talking back to back. I can't pick apart Morrissey's version as I wasn't there; nevertheless, i'd enjoy, for a change to hear exact facts from him, not the usual ''ahh, who can tell? Who needs to tell? Why are remembering?'' blah blah
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    16. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Interesting, yes!
      Likely to happen, no.
      Exact facts belong to the environment of science.
      And, if this really unlikely event would happen, and if you think you would get all those facts, there are two options.

      1. You would be bored for ever cause you know now.
      2. Those facts would raise even more interesting facts and you would want to have another back to back meeting with the two.

      Don't you think they both would try to protect the mistifying secrets and the "magic" of it all?
      I would understand, even if they didn't know themselves what it was.
      Cheers Musician!
    17. Musician
      Dear Quandox3

      such a delight to have people like you here - even if we disagree you can stay civilised and even nice (without trying to be sarcastic and failing miserably as some others).

      I might have phrased incorrectly: by "facts" I meant stories, impressions, memories. I doubt anything Earth-shattering would come up and i'm not even keen on this; rather, similarly to "'Supersonic", Morrissey and Marr simultanously commenting on, I don't, know, Glastonbury 1984, some recording session, some Top of the pops backstage anecdote etc.

      As opposed what the Bots think, i'm not "out to get Morrissey" - i am still very interested in bits that seem insignificant. Example: as I learnt from Marr's book, it was him who told Andy Rourke to leave in spring 1986, as opposed to the infamous "postacard on the windshield" story. I'm sure there are myriads of those that could make a great documentary - though I agree most likely it won't happen.
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    18. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      First of all, I don't believe you are a moz-hater.
      Some Moz-fans here seem overprotective and ultra defensive, I can understand a bit of that but your interest in him and wanting to know more is completely understandable and I feel the same.
      Forget about me, mentioning facts, I see now it's just semantics.
      Maybe it was a bit pretentious of me to interprete your post like that.

      So the (in)famous windshield postcard didn't occur!?
      I know if it was true people might think it very indigenous and cowardly, but there was a comic side to it too.
      Now I am very much in doubt to who made up that story!
      I wouldn't be surprised if it was Moz, though.
      I too like these stories and I can't see them as negative or hurting moz!
      Cheers musician!
      I am a singer, can't I sing to your music?
      Maybe once, you never know! :o:thumb:

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