Oakland show officially cancelled

Bradley sends the news:

Email from Another Planet Entertainment:

Morrissey Show Cancelled

We regret that we have been unable to secure a timely rescheduling for Morrissey's concert at the Fox Theater - Oakland.

Tickets will be refunded at place of purchase.

We apologize for any inconvenience.​

I also just got a note from Ticketmaster saying that Ticketmaster will automatically refund tickets. Folks who bought through other vendors will likely have to contact them.

So frustrating -- I was really looking forward to seeing him and hearing the new songs!

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The Fox has been up since 1928, I think there is history there. Downtown Oakland is actually pretty rad. There are some streetrats around at night but if you know where to go there are some pretty rad spots for people that aren't out of the loop normies...
Totally agree about Oakland, it's also a nice change from all the typical SF clones.

And as far as the "dinosaur" thing....that's fine by me. I got to see The Smiths live. Did you?
Parts of DT Oakland, sure...

I love that they put an Ozumo down there. Favorite sushi place in the world, though I usually go to the SF one. There is history for the FOX, but I man, sort of not the same in regards to music as the Fillmore, right? I actaully like the Fox.. I think it's set up really well...and having a full bar inside, (vs little pastic cups, or the cafeteria at Fillmore..)well, that make it better. Say the Yeah Yeah Yeahs there and Block Party there and both were fantastic... Warfield's still my favorite though... I'm not down on Oakland. I'm just saying, it neighbors Berkeley, which is 50% college kids. And it's has sections with young hipsters (Rockridge), it's not dinosaurs... And, I think the definition of a "dinosaur", as it pertains to concert-goers, should be defined as "Older than the artist", not a 39 year old. But I agree that when someone is over 40, they shouldn't dress like they're 18. It reminds me of this example: Nothing worse than seeing a mom trying to squeeze in her Teenage daughter's $200 jeans...
You're right in some parts of that reply, but the filmore has been home to more crappy shows than good. I don't really care for the grateful dread... also I work right across from the UCB campus, and whenever I wear a shirt with Morrissey on it there are a ton of kids who ask me who he is. Also, Rockridge is a neighborhood in Oakland not Berkeley and it's got way more families living in it than hipsters.

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