Oakland show officially cancelled

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By davidt on Dec 14, 2011 at 11:50 PM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    Bradley sends the news:

    Email from Another Planet Entertainment:

    Morrissey Show Cancelled

    We regret that we have been unable to secure a timely rescheduling for Morrissey's concert at the Fox Theater - Oakland.

    Tickets will be refunded at place of purchase.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.​

    I also just got a note from Ticketmaster saying that Ticketmaster will automatically refund tickets. Folks who bought through other vendors will likely have to contact them.

    So frustrating -- I was really looking forward to seeing him and hearing the new songs!

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 14, 2011.

    1. eugenius
      How is that being a douchebag, you filthy cunt? This is a pattern with Morrissey--I hope he doesn't cancel them, but I'm stating a fact. It's probably not financially sound to travel to Oakland, then Chicago and Detroit for theater shows.

      Me calling you a filthy cunt--now that might be considered something a douchebag would say, but in your case, it's fitting.
    2. eugenius
      Ha! Looks like the filthy cunt agrees with me as noted on December 1, 2011.

      Click this attachment moz_solo.jpg for Harsh Tooth's December 1 forum comment.

      Next time you get all self-righteous, know who you're fucking with.
    3. SirTuborgnights
      I could'nt have said it better myself!! What a lovely description, it was short, sweet and delivered the message, well done you.

      It was also everything I said/predicted/and warned when these dates where released!!!

      Oh well never mind maybe next time eh!!!!! perhaps when he's decided which label to sign with from all the many that are bending over backwards and jumping through hoops to get the contract signed and record the best album he,s ever made!!!! Three year world tour!!!!!! woo hoo can't wait CAN YOU????? Saving up now gonna go to as many as possible HA HA HA!!!!!
      Nearly forgot when is his "Booky-Wooky" out can't wait for that either!! I bet it wil be a really informative/insight (And not full of silly rantings and play on words and general Mozzy cock and nonsence)

      T RA!!!!!!
    4. Anonymous
      I am disappointed and saddened by this news, but not surprised.
    5. Anonymous
      The Fox has been up since 1928, I think there is history there. Downtown Oakland is actually pretty rad. There are some streetrats around at night but if you know where to go there are some pretty rad spots for people that aren't out of the loop normies...
    6. Anonymous
      Why does everyone forget that he's played The Paramount twice and he didn't cancel last time... he canceled the time before.
    7. Anonymous
      eugenius he totally did come to Oakland some of us stuck around and saw him go into the theater
    8. Anonymous
      I spent $410 to see Moz and he's let me down. Screw you Moz. We aren't all as rich as you.
    9. Anonymous
      The Walker's are from Chicago and Royal Oak is sold out. The shows will happen.
    10. Anonymous
      No you aren't. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah
    11. Anonymous
      Who are the Walker's?
    12. Anonymous
      Yeah, I assume they will happen since they were rescheduled, but Oakland was sold out too. Pointing this out just to be a contrarian.
    13. Anonymous
      ouch, seems like Oakland regulars are comparing this to some sort of fraud, which it isn't, if you expected every show to go forth as planned, you are smoking something wicked, by which I would say, PASS THE BLUNT!

      relax, it isn't the end of the world, but maybe it is to you and you need to vent to please yourselves (ewwww).....
    14. Anonymous
      I'm sorry but Oakland is infested with dinosaurs. Just a bunch of dinosaurs walking around in diapers. Berkeley is where the youth are hanging out. Moz would be bored sh*tless performing in Oakland. On to Chicago....hmm, I've never been there. Do many dinosaurs roam there?
    15. FTP in Oakland!
      FTP in Oakland!
      wa wa wa, Morrissey is not playing, wa FRAUD, we hate you Morrissey, wa wa wa.........

      done crying? I thought so, so why not go do something else? oh I see, you're giving yourself a sense of self-pity, thinking someone will anonymously cry/bitch/rage along with you, this site IS the hotspot for that.
    16. Anonymous
      Who are the walkers? Now you can see for yourself that there are just idiots here who are posting comments

      and don't even listen to the music or the band. they just post to cause trouble.

      Who are the walkers ? that's the best laugh I've had all day long. You stupido silly fool. x

      From the UK
    17. Anonymous
      Wanna find the oldest dinosaur at a Moz show? Look at the guy holding the mic..... You mopers-come-lately need to remember we were at shows before you were born. You know..... back when the band was good and the words meant something.

      Enjoy your diluted Moz.....we remember the real thing.
    18. Anonymous
      i'm loathe to admit it, but due in part to the influx of young artists and business owners in downtown oakland and nearby temescal, this part of oakland is actually becoming slightly overrun by hipsters. especially if you check out the art murmur on the first fridays of the month, it's not unlike the mission district 10 years ago. the fox is a beautiful theatre attracting a decidedly young, indie crowd. although it is true that gen-x "dinosaurs" such as myself (at the advanced age of 36) still turn up for shows by erasure, omd and err... morrissey. it's still a developing area, but there's a bunch of awesome bars and restaurants and it's hardly a city of retirees.

      i find people who talk crap about oakland are generally making a hacky joke and/or are only familiar with certain elements in east oakland that end up in the press because of the crime.

      now, off to check my bank account for that refund...
    19. Anonymous
      Parts of DT Oakland, sure...

      I love that they put an Ozumo down there. Favorite sushi place in the world, though I usually go to the SF one. There is history for the FOX, but I man, sort of not the same in regards to music as the Fillmore, right? I actaully like the Fox.. I think it's set up really well...and having a full bar inside, (vs little pastic cups, or the cafeteria at Fillmore..)well, that make it better. Say the Yeah Yeah Yeahs there and Block Party there and both were fantastic... Warfield's still my favorite though... I'm not down on Oakland. I'm just saying, it neighbors Berkeley, which is 50% college kids. And it's has sections with young hipsters (Rockridge), it's not dinosaurs... And, I think the definition of a "dinosaur", as it pertains to concert-goers, should be defined as "Older than the artist", not a 39 year old. But I agree that when someone is over 40, they shouldn't dress like they're 18. It reminds me of this example: Nothing worse than seeing a mom trying to squeeze in her Teenage daughter's $200 jeans...
    20. Anonymous
      I have no clue who the dog walkers are. For Real.

      I Just Don't.

      And i'm Not Even Kidding.

      I don't haves to talk cute for You.
      Rhyme yourselves.

      I'm aware now.awareness. Rap yourselves. You have killed,me. Baby Baby Baby la la la la...

      I Love


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