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Re: The great and shambolic pre wireless meet up

The thoughts about a few beers etc before at a particular place seem to have been submerged. I'll be on my own for the first time in years at a Morrissey gig so would really like to hook up with like minded souls beforehand for some blah blah blah et al. Is ther anything happening really. I have a ticket for the loop after which should be cool, but I donmt plan on going into HYde Park until later so anyone else in the same boat.

yup we are the same , you can join us if you like - not sure of the nmeet up place yet ... i will post if someone lets me know

You should read the thread from the begining. :o
On page 4, Paulc suggested Carpenters Arms:

Otherwise we'll meet aftershow at Quarry (The Loop, 19 Dering Street, London W1S 1AH)


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I'll be going too with my hubby, daughter and her b/f (his first Morrissey gig!) so looking forward very much to our wee trip and hope the sun is shining.
Finally booked my hotel room today - within walking distance to the park. Just have to get through tomorrow at work and then I'm getting the train on Thusday. Woohoo I'm getting excited now!


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As I have no picture on the forum, I will be the one wearing a ' all men have secrets' badge at the meeting up.
See you all.


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mostly lurker here but will try to come through the pub before and Quarry and then Popstarz later...

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I'll be there. Mine's a pair of quadruple whiskies and a pair of pints please.
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