Morrissey Central "NUMBER 1 IN POLAND" (March 23, 2020)

Morrissey Central: "Number 1 in Poland"


(Exits thread quietly...)
Some of posts on Morrissey Central are ridiculous, some are just manipulation. This one is both. Someone intentionally or not make fun of Morrissey
It's plain stupid, it's not number 1 in Poland, it's number 1 on Amazon Poland.
Amozon Poland ? It's Empik . The biggest record books media etc megastore in Poland .But it's unreliable . Official charts from Poland is OLIS .
What if Burkina Faso actually comes next? Wouldn't such thing be an achievement?

Anyway, I doubt it... I've just checked the charts of Burkina Faso and it seems that the current trend is classic rock (strangefully the chart has an Album by the Police as #1 and Pink Floyd's The Wall comes second... and an album by Jimi Hendrix is the third... So it seems that they like classic rock there and no album recorded after the 80's is in the charts).

Fantastic taste in music in Burkina Faso!
Skinny is nazi racist!
Great for Morrissey if "Chain" is No1 in Burkina Faso!
Don't you think Morrissey might possibly be having a laugh? Poland charts are practically a meme here and I doubt that they are unaware.
And at the same time he's probably grateful to be #1 anywhere.
This is for example No 20 from official chart in Poland .

My humble advice to Morrissey. Please stay as far as you can from the Polish charts ⛔
Erm, my mistake, before I was looking at the phone. Now, when I checked on my PC, it's like Music->Alternative->Foreign. It still does not change the fact that it is not equal to No 1 in Poland.
BTW amount of pricks that feel better just because they were not born in Poland, Africa or Asia is bigger than I expected. Having fun with your post-Brexit, Boris herd immunity reality? I'd rather be where I am.
Not realy. The screenshot indicates Pre-release->Music->Alternative (upper left corner). So they are not even sales. The album is simply highly-anticipated in this particular store. So it is far from „no 1 in Poland”
Splitting hairs. I paid for my pre-release copy so I would consider it sales as the money is gone from my account. And yes highly anticipated.
Does anyone know why Boz Boring hasn't written an angry letter asking why Spent the Day in Bed hasn't gone straight to number 1 during the COVID-19 crisis?
NO 1 IN POLAND TOO!!!!! EVERYWHERE NO 1!!!!!!!:thumb::thumb:

the Skinny/Hugh/:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: mediocre tour cancelled?
We're being informed that the new album is currently No1 in Poland.

There are two appropriate responses to this news as far as I can gather, to be pleased for Morrissey, or to be completely uninterested and keep your big fat trap shut.
i am not a dog on a chain info

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