"Now My Heart Is Full" by Laura June - another literary Morrissey reference

References to Morrissey and The Smiths abound in contemporary literature. Here's a recent one, a book called Now My Heart Is Full, by Laura June, published by Penguin this year:


At the Goodreads page, the author has given a Morrissey-esque review of her own book:

"Riddled with flaws but look I did my best."

The title is not a coincidence, as the author confesses on Tumblr:


Has anybody here read it? Any good?

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it's also bad signs when en an author is not even able to find a title by themselves
If any future authors are reading this, a good name for a villain of a book is Joyce Michaels. Feel free to use it.
"Well, she likes music!"

"A Really Small But Very Important List Of Good Songs With Telecasters In Them"

"muzak i have heard in the past week
i spent four days in a muzak-saturated environment. luckily, it was actually pretty fucking amazing muzak. i kept a list of the songs that i heard. here are the ones i wrote down, in the order that i heard them.

  1. “bittersweet symphony,” as made popular by the verve
  2. “crazy,” as made popular by gnarls barkley
  3. “hey ya,” as made popular by outKast
  4. “take my breath away,” as made popular by berlin
  5. “where is my mind,” as made popular by the pixies
  6. “lithium,” as made popular by nirvana
  7. “lady madonna,” as made popular by the beatles
  8. “rehab,” as made popular by amy winehouse
  9. “do you really want to hurt me?” as made popular by culture club
  10. “black hole sun,” as made popular by soundgarden
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