November Spawned A Monster on Top Of The Pops


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Has anyone got a copy of Morrissey performing November Spawned A Monster on TOTP?
I have it somewhere on a dusty old video but would love to see it again. It was just him on a platform singing until the moment Mary Margaret O'Hara came in. Precious...


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Bloody hell, never seen that clip. Moz lip-synching, no prop mic, no band, nada. The quiff is perhaps at its all-time peak.

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I also have this on a Victorian VHS someplace but haven't seen it in a dog's age. Thank you for posting it sista; I remember looking for it a while ago and couldn't find it on youtube.
Just about as physically sublime as Morrissey ever got. If God wanted a quiff he'd look to his left, say 'sorry Elvis' and he'd choose this one.


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I still prefer the shorter, straighter, more spiky 80s quiff... as in the "How Soon Is Now" clip posted the other day.


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Haven't seen this in quite sometime; thought it had been deleted from youtube forever. Good show, Moz, although he does look quite bored in the spaces where he's not singing, and rightfully so. I can imagine it's even more awkward lip-synching when you don't have a band behind you synching as well. I thought TOTP at one point had a policy of requiring whoever was involved with the making of the track to be onstage? Or maybe I'm just making that up...
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