Novelist Gwendoline Riley mentions Morrissey and Charles Aznavour

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    In this list, here:

    Gwendoline Riley | Five Things Right Now - Granta Magazine


    2. Charles Aznavour

    This performance has been part of the Morrissey tour intro video for the last few years, so I’ve watched it many times while waiting for M. I love his passion! And his limpid eyes. ‘Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre!’ A ready soul reacts. This one’s terrific, too. Both Aznavour and Morrissey were born on May 22nd, on the Taurus Gemini cusp, known as the Cusp of Energy. This makes complete sense when you look at these marvellous men. Aznavour is ninety-two and will be touring South America and Russia this spring.

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    1. gordyboy9
      shes obviously a long time fan who speaks passionately about Morrissey.aznavour 92 and still touring,if iv got a pulse at 92 id be quite pleased.
    2. countthree
      Aznavour! A fascinating personality, charm and voice. May 22th? Just a coincidence? 92 yo? Guess some people live twice. Lucky them.
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