"Norrissey: The Novel, By Morrissey - A Synopsis" - The Quietus

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    Norrissey: The Novel, By Morrissey - A Synopsis - The Quietus
    David Stubbs , January 6th, 2014 06:37
    Man of refined taste and lucky skip skimmer Mr David Stubbs has procured us an early draft of Morrissey's debut novel...

    With the news that Morrissey is to write a novel, we dispatched David Stubbs to Penguin's London offices in the hope of doorstepping them for an interview on the matter. He was declined.

    However, on exiting the building and passing by a skip, he caught sight of a manuscript, a possible first draft of the work. It was entitled THIS HANDSOME MAN – A NON-AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MADE-UP STORY OF LOVE AND VINDICATION. We reprint it in full here.
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