Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades


Wild Turkey = Wild T = Wild Tremendous + more.
oh, sorry! i didnt realize you referred to yourself as that! yes, then, i was talking about wild tremendous!

so were you ridin' the rails without me, or whats the deal?!

The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
bunnies ARE the best hoppers, after all!!! and if you're having trouble gettin' up on the train, ill let down my ears so you can pull yourself up!!! you see, you NEED me, wildT!

Really feel sorry for folks who ain't got a Bunny bud
to go train hoppin' with.
They ain't doin' it right!
🚂 🐰 🚃 🦃 🚋

The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
dat's right!!! and i feel so lucky to have found a turkey to train hop with! everyone knows that turkeys + bunnies are the best travellin' partners!

Some train hop and get murky,
Some train hop and find fright,
But when ya got, a Bunny and a Turkey,
Then ya train hoppin' right!
norm macdonald
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