Norm MacDonald Laughter Accolades


Was just thinkin' how I weren't ever worry about freezin' out in the
cold, cause a Bunny blanket would keep me warm... I meant to say,
it must be nice to have warm Bunny fur on cold nights rifke. o_O
it is, wildT!! it's oh so comfy and cozy and super soft and... heyyyyyy!!!! wait a minute!!!! :anguished:


jammy Stressford poet
Has anybody read Norm's book? I've been making my way through the audiobook, narrated by the man himself.
It's on spotify, for now...


Norm explained to the guy that he was pretty
tired and only sleepin' in spurts, but the guy
acted offended.
maybe he was offended that norm didnt laugh uproariously at his dumb jokes about having a heart attack or whatever. he probably thought those would be a hit. what an assbag.

The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
once again, i dont get the joke, wildT!!! can you explain it to a dumb bunny? :oops:

I'll be honest with ya rifke, it just made me laugh
as a natural reaction.
Guess I laughed cause it's funny that there would
be an Ebonics spellin' bee and that a 4th grader
would win it.
Norm's also makin' a comment on the value of
education in different communities.
norm macdonald
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