Norfolk GA ticket (1) for sale: Sold out show, smallest venue of the tour


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Hi all,

I tried to sell this for face value, but got no takers. I've put it up on Ebay - a one day auction with minimum bid of $9.99. Your bid includes free shipping via UPS overnight to ensure that you have the ticket in hand on either Saturday, July 7th or Monday, July 9th, depending on when you send payment.

The link for the auction is:

If the show is cancelled, you can return the ticket to me and I will refund your money.



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Let me get this straight:

Two days before I started the Ebay auction, I offered the ticket for face value on this site, and as of the Thursday afternoon before the show I had no takers.

I decided to put it up for a 24-hour Ebay auction, starting at $9.99, just to ensure that it would sell and that I wouldn't lose the entire $48. I shipped it out via UPS Red, ensuring the buyer would get it on Saturday, and advertised in the posting that overnight shipping was included in the winning bid.

I could've listed it as a Buy-it-Now or reserve auction at $48, but it would've cost more for me to list, increasing my potential losses.

How does this make me a scumbag, exactly?

Incidentally, the buyer seemed happy with the purchase and emailed me after the show to tell me about it.
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