Noel Gallagher wants to play guitar for The Smiths if they ever reunite

I like the sentiment.

I like it too. For those out there who didn't bother to read the article or haven't grasped the point, he said:

'it’s never gonna happen, it’s a thing in a parallel universe... I’m Craig Gannon and I’d go to Johnny [Marr] and say I’m your man... If I was God for a day… If you could make it happen and they’d all be happy about it happening...'

Top bloke.

EDITED TO SAY: I clicked on the Radio X link which relates to the article and Johnny Vaughan has a terrific (and amusing) strategy for forcing The Jam, Oasis and The Smiths to reform...
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He should focus on forking out for a new Citeh striker and probably a new manager too.
Nooo no me gusta Noel Gallagher,ni Oasis!! Busquen otro ese no va ,no le llega ni a los talones a J Marr!! Prefiero a Boz B.,
MOZ=10.obviamente irreemplazable,J Marr= 8,7 casi irremplazable,podria otro ocupar su lugar,pero deberia taparme la nariz para poder tragarlo...,los otros dos son comodamente reemplazables,Noel G,noo si a este lo pusieran entonces que llamen al imitador mexicano de Moz,definitivamente horrorosoo!!!
It will be hilarious to watch him try to reproduce Johnny Marr's guitar parts - almost as funny as Moz' band trying to do Smiths songs!

I’d imagine he’s talking about a Gannon/rhythm role...
You obviously haven't read the article. He said 'I’m Craig Gannon and I’d go to Johnny [Marr] and say I’m your man'.

I think one of the reasons Johnny didn't join Oasis was that he didn't want Noel as a boss. I doubt it would work out in the fantasy Smiths either, considering how Noel also doesn't like temperamental singers. It would be funny to watch Noel punch out Morrissey on stage though. For entertainment value, would give this a thumbs up.

Forget Johnny Le Pew ! Noel
can easily replace that stinker.


Ha ha ha!

Bring it on !


We can be sure it put a smile on Morrissey’s face as he read Noel’s touching statement of allegiance to Moz.

What? He didn’t say he would sub for Marr. He said he’d come out and play Gannon’s parts. ...and would likely do so on one of the the guitars that Johnny gave him, nigh-on years ago.

Read the statement, then give your head a shake - ya daft wee twat.

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