Noel Gallagher: 'The Smiths may reunite'

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By davidt on Dec 29, 2011 at 5:51 PM
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    An anonymous person sends the link:

    Noel Gallagher: 'The Smiths may reunite' - Digital Spy

    The High Flying Birds singer-songwriter believes there is a possibility that founding members Morrissey and Johnny Marr could reunite 25 years after their acrimonious split.

    Gallagher is quoted by Contactmusic as saying: "The one everybody would like to see is The Smiths and they say it's not going to happen."

    The former Oasis star referred to the Stone Roses, who made a surprise comeback in October, in support of his comments.

    "But they said the Roses wouldn't happen and they said Led Zeppelin wouldn't happen," he added.

    Both Morrissey and Marr have in the past strenuously refuted claims that The Smiths will return.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 29, 2011.

    1. fuckfase
      Hahaha... Who the fuck wrote this headline?? ...and who cares what Noel Gallagher thinks? And to compare Morrissey or Marr to the Stone Roses? Hmm...
    2. Anonymous
      Tomorrow's headline: RON MAEL: "I LIKE ANGEL DELIGHT"
    3. PonytheTony
      Money talks don't it?????

      He cashed in on the Christmas ad did'nt he!!!!

      I hope they don't because the reall fans can't get tickets just like the Roses gigs my bosses wife got tickets for all their family and they dont have any of their albums. Can you imagine all the Bart Simpsons and that silly Julia buying all the "Tix" and coming over invading Manchester!!!! No No No
    4. Joey Bartonbridge
      Joey Bartonbridge
      Is dis a wind-up or wha!!!!! A love de Smiffs!! Honest ter God me biggis regret is not seein um live like.
      Me bruder purra stikka on de fridge an it sed meat is murder on it even doh it wor a fridge fulla meat like dat wer boss dat wer!
      I even turned into a vegatublist for abowd a week cause of de song dat Mauricie rote.
      I do hope its true doh cause i'll be able to listen to Johny Mars rifts and de rest of um (ave forgot der names doh!!)

      A do ope its tru doh!!!!! WHAT????????

      A DO DOH !!!!!!!!!!!DON'T I DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!A DO DOH!!!!!!!!!!!A DO!!!!!!!!!DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. raffael
      the people that wants the reunion, do they know about the court case between Moz and joyce? come on! Morrissey do not need them! he is doing VERY well on his own, to get those guys back in the same stage. HOPE IT MAY NEVER HAPPEN
    6. Anonymous
      All 4 will NEVER reunite but Moz and Marr MAYBE if they get desperate enough. $ talks as previously stated. A few nights in LA, NY and London will sell out in minutes!
    7. Anonymous

      Lol bro. That be defo funee!
    8. Anonymous
      Morrissey himself said that it doesn't matter what the people want. The more people want The Smiths (or Moz & Marr) to reform, the more he will refuse to do it. Look at the albums he's most proud of: only one proper Smiths studio album in the top ten, so he's obviously not too nostalgic about the 80s.
    9. MeatisMurder
      Love the Smiths but didnt get to see them live. I WOULD NOT go to any cash in gigs
    10. Anonymous
      What Morrissey says and what Morrissey does are two completely different things if you know him well enough you will know this.
      I would not be at all suprised!!!!!

      Remember the film Jerry Mcguire? "Show me the quorn Jerry show me the quorn Jerry"
    11. Joey Bartonbridge
      Joey Bartonbridge
      Don't tell de gaffer bud a caaant sleep jus finkin abowd it, its gonna well megga, mint an boss an all.
      Am in me room an ave bin typin on me nitwitter page BIGMOUTH or wha!!!!! Whar am a like?
      Anyways me jpod as like only god maynly Mauricey songs onnit so what ar de bezzie songs dat de Smiffs did dat a shuld be up or down loadin like£
      Anno a cuple already me favurit is dat cover version by A CuntryMile=Still ill and de ones he done at Glastenberrie,I even add me piccy took wiv him an all!! A did doh onist a did onest to god a did!!!
      An a like dat one dat de did er er er er er er gorrit gorrit I am Numan and I Need to be Luvd, a fink its abowd keyboards an de Newman Leegue error.
      Aniways am not a propa vegitinairian yet BUT am only eatin chees n onion/sald n vinger crisps£ from now on I will not b eatin beef or chikin bekause of de poem dat Mauricey wrode Meat is Mareder!
      If yers cud see us now am in me room with me bezzy trackie bottoms on me Mauricey shert on an bunch a flowers angin out me arse ave even gotta earin ade an all burra cant find me glasses.
      Oh an ave gorra qwiff an all!!!!

      What??????? I have doh a tell ya ave gorra qwiff an all just like ees an an an an me jpods on full vol-yume!!
      Ya what??? I cant ear yers, it is doh it is doh i tell yer it is doh!!!!!! Ask us ask us ask us lar lar lar lar lar lar What???
      Dats wat de sing doh innit !!DE DO DOH DON'T DE???DE DO DON'T DE DOH!!! DEY DO
    12. Anonymous
      Please don`t do it. I will just destroy everything. What for should it be? Just for the fact, that they did it? Nonsense.
      I have deep trust in Moz. I hope he earned enough money that he will never think of it. I personally never saw them, but you won´t bring the old days back. I simply would look funny. Maybe an appearance here and there, but please no big thing. But that´s only my opinion.
    13. RobertBar
      Morrissey and Marr will do it someday. Joyce and Rourke will not be invited for obvious reasons. Noel is good mates with Marr, so he probably has a bit more insight into a reunion than most people would. Morrissey has turned in to a big sell out anyways. Talk about reissue,repackage! He will just reissue and repackage the Smiths as Moz & Marr.
    14. Anonymous
      If Noel says it will happen, then it will happen. Definately. Maybe.

      PS Why is one of the words we have to type in in order to post this so hard to bloody see???? Took eleven attempts.....
    15. Anonymous
      yeah it is not about the music anymore..Julia is taking over..Julia rocks Manchester who are you Julia? UMmmmmm I am a super fan....super duper.....I don't really do anything I am a marionette.I just show up for the shows because I can pay to get in......even when the show is cancelled I can afford to change my arrangements......What EXACTLY is it that you do JULIA?
    16. Anonymous
      Close but no cigar, if you'll pardon the pun
    17. celibate
      it will never be as The Smiths, at most likely, but not likely to happen, it will be minus Mike Joyce and Rourke would refuse if his bud Mike is not in.Marr and Rourke are on friendly speaking terms, and both are friends since their youth.Anyway Morrissey most like will decline or just not answer on this issue, as usual he's bored by this reunion quations.see you next year.:thumb:
    18. Joey Bartonbridge
      Joey Bartonbridge
      Well am on de team bus goin to de team hotel like, on Saturday we play Arse n ole at the emeit stadium ana jus cant stop playin we will let u gnow by Mauriciey on me jpod cause of de bit when a fink Bozzy Whyte showts owt THE ARSE N OLE!!!!!
      Anyways ave told me ajent te ged me on as menny telly shows as poss so I can tell yooooz all abowd me infection dat I ave for de Smiffs.
      What????? A will DOH! A will DOH! What??? You dont DINK DOH????I will DOH!!! Am tellin you DOH!!!!!
      Oi Frank am gonna go on der One show an tell yer bird abowd de Smiffs I am!!!!!I will DOH WONE I DOH!!!!!!!

      An if I score at de Etteehad gonna do a Mauricey goal celybrasian a promice yooooz
    19. Anonymous
      ABBA have never reformed; they are the ones I'm wishing for the most...

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