Noel Gallagher Talks About Partying w/ Moz


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Noel Gallagher interview mentions Morrissey

Don't care for Noel's music but he will always be damned with giving good copy... story about Morrissey bringing his own CD to a bar about 3.04 mark

Noel's opinions about Russell Brand's revolution, the music industry and salt and vinegar square crisps are hilarious too.

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What's the name of the artist from Morrissey's CD? Brian something? Could not understand what he said there.


i can barely make out what he says most of the time lol. gotta like him though, hes a believer


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He's definitely a character. In fact, I've seen documentaries about Oasis where they needed to place subtitles whenever Noel or Liam were speaking.

Anyway, I was watching the video on the train and really enjoyed it in its entirely, so I thought some here would enjoy it as well.

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Noel has still got it. Good Moz anecdote.

Went out of my way to listen to the Brian Protheroe track (Pinball). Yeah…no thanks. Vocals remind me of a mellower version of Steve Miller or something.
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