Noel Gallagher on Smiths for Sirius Radio Show

Noel said this before playing "How Soon Is Now", "When bands try to cover other bands..Two people that you should never try to cover are Morrissey and John Lydon. Because they are so original in know Johnny was such a wizard on the guitar...the way that he plays the guitar is not derived from anything I could think about back in those days. The Smiths were on a different level, they still are. Every time I listen to The Smiths it's just lyrically and musically is just f*%&king unreachable for me."

I agree that it was the marriage of the music and lyrics that solidified the band as the best. Lot's of groups have amazing songs, but do they have both? Link for On Demand if you have Sirius



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When their generation got promotions.

Who is handing them out? I want a promotion. The Stone Roses and Oasis were not out for fame and money. Coldplay were out for fame and money. So if Chris Martin wants to support the government then fair enough. Morrissey, Ian and Noel are rebels (post punks). What would the Sex Pistols be saying right now if they just came out?


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Really? Do you? You seem more the thick beard kind of person.
Really? Do you? You seem more the thick beard kind of person.


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M is a militant animal rights activist. He was led to believe that this woman is sane. She's not. I cannot emphasize how damaging her attendance at his recent gig was. Whomever was responsible for this fumble should be really be held accountable.

You keep mentioning how her attendance in Wembley was extremely damaging. Can you elaborate?
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