Noel Gallagher mentions Moz again on Irish TV

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    Noel Gallagher was guest on the Brendan O'Carroll chat show on RTE1 Irish TV tonight. He mentioned going out drinking with Morrissey and Russell Brand, and that Moz and he spent the night bullying Russell and basically slagging him off. Noel said that Morrissey and he were blind drunk and that Moz is great to go out with, and that he 'never has a good word to say about anyone, which we like!'. All said as a friend and it was obvious that Noel really likes Morrissey. He also bemoaned the current state of popular music and when the host asked him: "In the 70's/80's we had bands like Joy Division, who turned into New Order, and Primal Scream, and Stone Roses, and Oasis, and today we have?' which Noel answered "Nothing. Today we have nothing." He then went on to slag the Brits.
    Great to hear someone with a bit of sense for a change on a chat show.
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    Was he surprised he got an ulcer?

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