No need to be so cynical, Morrissey

I came across an interesting short on You Tube, and in fairness to our Moz it may well have been heavily edited.

Nearly 13 years ago the lady who had been known as "Waity Katy", (William's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge), was pregnant and had been admitted to hospital. To recap, as it was a while ago, some Australian radio presenters pretended to be The Queen and Charles phoning to see how she was. They fooled the staff at first and the recording of Kate's nurse giving an update on her wellbeing was played in the public domain. Some days later the nurse who had transferred the call ended her life.

Today I found a video of Morrissey (talking about it on the news, possibly to New Zealand tv). He said that no-one knew why Kate was in hospital, and used the word "anorexia" plus question mark and then said that the nurse who died would be forgotten in a week. Maybe he meant only the royal family would forget her, editing as I said.

The world is a better place than that.

The day the death of the nurse was announced started well for me. I was due to give a presentation as part of an assessment for a teaching course. Rather then picking something related to work or my academic ventures I chose something that fired me - Charlotte Bronte. My presentation was about the passionate letters she wrote in French to the married man in Belgium!!!! His wife found them torn up in the bin and sewed then together!!!!! They were only released to the world when everyone they might hurt had died.

Part of my presentation was about Charlotte's life and death. There are those who believe she died because she experienced a condition called hypermesis gravidarum, a condition in pregnancy (maybe of psychological origin, some say) and this caused the TB to reactivate.

In the UK it was said that this was the condition Kate was suffering from, and it made my presentation very topical.

We were all told on the day that we had passed the course, I was in celebration mood, then within minutes I found out that Jacintha Saldanha had died - the nurse who put through the phone call. It took me eight hours to get over that news and to be able to enjoy passing the course, At the time I was a front level health professional myself, so I did understand.

I'm not sure what Morrissey's reference to ? anorexia meant, but I do believe he sometimes shares the first thing that comes into his head (automatic thoughts, then genuinely wonders why anyone took so much notice). Anorexia is a life threatening condition. Also despite the fact that the he mentioned Charlotte Bronte on page 162 of his autobiography he might not have 80 CB biographies like me and may not be as attuned to the words hyperemeis gravidarum!

Just to say that Jacintha Saldanha was not forgotten by me - every time Waity Katy and co were celebrating things with their children I spoke of and shared the name Jacintha Saldanha. And I will continue

People do care.
Nearly 13 years ago the lady who had been known as "Waity Katy", (William's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge), was pregnant and had been admitted to hospital.
The kid now commonly known as Prince George is ten years old though ... ;-)
Hyperemesis gravidarum is a potentially life-endangering condition usually (and unfairly) hitting worst with the first pregnancy. A friend of mine had it twice (she has two kids), and just like Kate she was admitted to hospital when pregnant for the first time because of the severity of symptoms. The incessant vomiting started literally from one day to another; except suffering from rather ordinary morning sickness, she was fine before the vomiting shit hit the fan. (Interestingly, just like it kicked off from one day to another, the vomiting also stopped rather abruptely, to be replaced by some incredible "pregnancy glow" kicking in in her late second trimester. You would never have guessed she was puking her guts out due to a life-threatening condition only a few weeks before.)
We all know he abhors the Royal Family, but srsly, instead of coming off as a prick (i. e. flinging about allegations of "anorexia" when a woman unvoluntarily vomiting her entire guts out when pregnant is a rare but well-known medical condition), Morrissey needs to shut the fück up sometimes.
And "by the way", people did not forget about poor Jacintha Saldana. At least where I live, her fate is being mentioned pretty much every time there's an article mentioning (or even extensively covering) Prince George celebrating his birthday. (Don't know about the Daily Maul and the like though, since I'm not that interested in some people's "toned pins" and "pert derriere" that much.)
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