No horse sausages (or no Morrissey) during Belgian concert

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On August 4 the Belgian festival 'Lokerse Feesten' has Morrissey on the bill. Nothing special if it weren't for the fact that in order for Morrissey to play there, the festival agreed to close down all the stalls where meat is being served - during the whole day that is. So if you planned watching Morrissey whilst eating one of the delicious local made ham or horse sausages, then make sure to get one the day before or after because that festival day will be meat-free due to the ex-Smith singer going onstage.

The organizers were rather quick in accepting Morrissey's rather freaky demand, probably because they remembered that he once canceled a concert at Pinkpop back in 1987 because the organization's subcontractors providing the food did not want to close their hamburger stalls.

It will be the first time that Morrissey plays at a Belgian festival since he went solo.



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Nice little twist, but it was actually the festival's own initiative to organise a veggie day (in honour of Moz)


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Belgians eat horses? Who knew? I would rather eat their delicious chocolate.

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"The organizers were rather quick in accepting Morrissey's rather freaky demand"

I don't think it is a "freaky" demand. If you have the power to do something good, then I say use it. Nice bit of info though
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He never demanded this, the organisers used this as a tool to finally persuade him to perform at the festival.


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yep they did it in order to "pull" him in. I think it's very very cool that they did that.
On the Belgian radio there was a whole fuzz about though. thay said that he "demanded it".

Apperantly it's ok for some big stars to demand tremendous amounts of crap/booze/drugs on their rider... and that's all accepted.

But if ONE singer asks for something to be removed, one of a sudden it's blasphemy.

Damn... I think it's really cool. Morrissey has his philosophies and if you want to be taken serious... so be it.
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