NME - WPINOYB review - 9/10 - Album Of The Week

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By Uncleskinny on Jul 9, 2014 at 5:27 PM
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    Jun 1, 2000
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    With teaser for next week's issue, and huge back-page ad.




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    1. Agharta
      Good lord. I haven't read NME in years - has it truly sunk so low?
    2. Anonymous
    3. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Thanks for posting that. A deservedly great review.
    4. joe frady
      joe frady
      And on the reverse side of that non-'shopped back page ad you'll find a full-page teaser for next weeks New Musical Express, or "New Morrissey Express" as they rename it, in a cheeky wink to the Danny Kelly days of yore.

      EXCLUSIVE all-new photos of Moz. And his band (!):
      EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes tales from the people involved in the making of the new record:
      EXCLUSIVE verdict on the extra deluxe bonus tracks.
      The complete inside story of his brilliant comeback.
      Etc, etc...

      Guess that explains the 9/10 then ;)

      Not bad going really. From dragging them to the High Court to double cover special issues in less than 3 years.

      That's showbusiness! :thumb:
    5. King Leer
      King Leer
      Almost as surreal as allowing myself to listen to the opening seconds of each song on the new album while I wait to buy a physical copy. If nothing else, surely the oddest collection of song openings in the Moz canon!
    6. Uncleskinny
      Bloody hell, I missed that....hold the line, caller...will amend original post up there ^^

    7. the raytownian
      the raytownian
      That header image is so......... Witch House. :sick:
    8. joe frady
      joe frady

      courtesy of @Intl_Playboy
    9. Stoned
      Yes , that is true. How funny......

      Cheers Moz
    10. Anonymous
      NME must have kissed Morrissey's ass like there was no tomorrow. Kissed it a lot, kissed it a lot.
    11. Anonymous
      Well he does have a nice ass.
    12. fredkocherpepsi
      Nice review. Have to say I agree as well.
    13. Anonymous
      Great review! :) I'm actually curious about next week's issue!
    14. ninetimesfined
      'Kick the Bride down the Knave' a 'pedestrian plod'?? They need some better audio equipment at NME Towers (if that's what they're still calling the office where they publish the magazine) it's one of the best tracks on the whole album! Particularly during the instrumental bits, it SOARS. Even KY 's backing vocals are stunning.
    15. Anonymous
      Its catchy but its easily done, akin to All The Lazy Dykes. In fact i'm sure i've heard Nirvarna like tune & some Viva Hate too.
    16. Anonymous
      A balancing of the books perhaps, possibly shrewd too. Time may tell...
    17. nozmuppet
      On hearing the album its what Kill Uncle never was, what Ringleader could have been. The highs of his best albums. Gone are Smiths English poetry replaced by a Morrissey spitting a preferred shopping list of modern world ills, you can decide which you prefer his album repertoire is big enough. His voice at its best and his band chucking everything into it, I am going to buy the deluxe album... Oh yup...yup....yup.
    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey and the NME's renewed friendship (or working arrangement)

      Surely one of the biggest surprises of the new album campaign?
      It looked like they'd come to some sort of an agreement when the video to one of the songs was exclusively previewed at NME.com. and this was confirmed when they had the first UK streaming of the album last week.
      Interesting to hear about next week's NME with exclusive new photos and (finally!) interviews with the band. Sounds like part of the deal was for there to be no direct Morrissey interview - perhaps not surprising after last time. Morrissey is happy to have their support and, without an interview, he's at no risk of being stitched up again, so the trust is rebuilt. Don't know who would have brokered the deal - if it was Harvest, well done them.
      Morrissey also seems keen to give his band more exposure these days - I'm really looking forward to hearing some insight from them, especially Gustavo.
    19. Guernie
      Hey Nozmuppet do you think the lyrics on some of the songs has slipped just a bit ? Where in the past Moz would have looked for the clever word or phrase but on some he went for something a little more easy . I don't know if I'm being too critically but one thing is for sure ...... the band makes up for this . Love the band ! They have never sounded better and Gustavo & Boz really stepped up

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