NME: "The Avalanches’ new album ‘We Will Always Love You’ features Johnny Marr, Karen O, MGMT, Perry Farrell and many more"

C list on the B list. Avalanches ft MGMT and...........DramaLePew:straightface:

'The Divine Chord' features Johnny Marr and MGMT. That tune feels very reminiscent of earlier Avalanches tunes. Talk me through that collaboration.

Yeah, it’s a bit Since I Left You-y. I just had a moment when you were saying that actually where I was like, ‘Oh yeah. It’s Johnny Marr and MGMT – that is pretty crazy’. Because this is the first time we’re stopping and evaluating it, processing it all. I was sitting in this exact chair on this laptop with the Johnny Marr guitar parts, listening to them for the first time thinking about the 15 year-old me that was listening to The Smiths and didn’t know where life was going to take me and wanted to go to England one day. He wouldn’t have been able to believe it… And MGMT are really talented dudes. They’re not afraid to take a left turn either, so I really admire that.

nobody has hear of this sucko group, 'The Avalanches' :grimacing:
poor Le :frogface:, hes reduced to taking a few quid from unknown twats:triumph:

Oasis is not going to waste a few good quids on Le:frogface: FFS!!!

There were rumors around the recording of "Heathen Chemistry" that Johnny was going to join Oasis after guesting on a few tracks. But this comes from a more recent interview with Noel:

Then on extending the collaboration with Marr and even having him in the live band, Noel said:“He’s on the road doing his own thing. Needless to say, if I even had the slightest, one per cent thought that Johnny Marr would join my band and play guitar, I would f***ing get on my knees and beg him to do it. He’s got a solo thing going on, I think. Rightly so. It’s about time he started making records for himself and stopped f***ing about.”

johnny marr
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