NME special Morrissey 'Collectors' edition out now (released June 19, 2014)

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By Uncleskinny on Jun 20, 2014 at 5:24 PM
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    Jun 1, 2000
    On the moors
    NME releases Morrissey Special Collector's Edition magazine - NME.com
    100-page special edition magazine is available now


    NME today (June 19) releases a Special Collector's Edition magazine tracing the solo career of Morrissey.

    Telling the story of Morrissey's solo career through archive NME and Melody Maker interviews and classic and rare photographs, it also includes brand new features about his eventful 1991 and 1992 US tours, his early 2000s hiatus and whether 2014 will be his greatest comeback yet. With brand new re-evaluations of every solo Morrissey work, it's a comprehensive guide to all things Moz.

    The 100-page, glossy edition is available now priced at £5.99. You can order the print edition, download it for iPad or iPhone or find it on newsstands.


    Also, there's a 14 of the best Morrissey rarities mini-feature...

    14 Of The Best Morrissey Rarities - NME.com

    This week, NME's Special Edition Morrissey collector's issue hits the shelves, so to celebrate, here are 14 of Moz's finest rarities. First up is 2001's 'Striptease With A Difference'. Plans were initially laid for it to appear on a limited edition best of in 1997... until Lady Diana died and CD processing plants were so overloaded with 'Candle In The Wind' that it had to be shelved.
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    1. Anonymous
      Can I get this in the US?
    2. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
    3. mcrickson
      Yup, "Melanie," a track Morrissey had zero involvement with — definitely a top Morrissey rarity.
    4. Anonymous
      Lol, thanks guys. I won't bother buying it.
    5. Anonymous
      The rarities list also claims that the 'studio version' of Cosmic Dancer is best. Does such a thing exist?
    6. Abrahan

      I bet they confused "That's Entertainment" for "Cosmic Dancer."
    7. Uncleskinny
    8. Jamie
      Absolutely. Striptease With a Difference not released because of Candle in the Wind '97 record pressing demands? Never mind that the edition of Viva Hate it was slated for came out months before the crash. Nancy Sinatra's Let Me Kiss You? Same backing track as Morrissey's version.

      Truly, utterly tosh.
    9. joe frady
      joe frady
      The most interesting thing about this issue is that the only interview to be curiously omitted from this comprehensive cash-in is the Tim Jonze/Conor McNicholas 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' cover car-crash from December 2007.
      That's the one that he took them to court over 4 years later.
      And the one that the NME had to subsequently 'apologise' for.
      No re-print, nor even a mention in passing.
      Funny that.

      Nice pics but.
    10. Skylarker
      Yeah and how are A Swallow On my Neck and the extended version of Piccadilly Palare rarities? The former was a b-side only for about two years, until it was issued on a catalog-issue compilation what, 16 years ago?

      And Palare is super rare...you know, as long as you disregard the fact that it has been on the re-issue of Bona Drag for the last two years...
    11. marred
      'My Insatiable One' was not released as a B side. Or did I miss that one? I thought I had them all.

      They do actually mention 'Melanie' is not by Morrissey.
    12. mcrickson
      Yeah. So why is it a 'Morrissey rarity'?
    13. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Why don't you make a single for 'Melanie' with 'My Insatiable One' as a B-side? Perhaps you can fool Jesse Tobias again into thinking it is the band's next single...don't forget the barcode, though.
    14. Imbrie
      more barcode.
    15. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      I found this on marred's photobucket account...

    16. warhololic

      Is the Morrissey NME special available in the US?
    17. DONKEYDAVE68
      saw it in asda , £5.99 , not worth the money , reissued , repackaged photo`s and article`s
    18. Uncleskinny
      I flicked through it in WHS, that was enough. Certainly not worth £5.99, fans will have seen most of it before, if not all of it.

    19. DONKEYDAVE68
      was looking forward to it so much as well, but £5.99 is a lot when you haven`t got much £

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